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Itsy Bitsy Ballerinas has arrived at ….
     ABRAKIDAZZLE Indoor Play Arena

Itsy Bitsy Ballerina’s offers two programs that are designed to introduce young children to dance, signing and music in a relaxed and nurturing setting.

  • *​Ballet and Singing/Music tuition for kids aged 2-5years
  • *Learning of the basic concepts of classical & modern dance, music appreciation and rhythm
  • *A mixture of structure and fun using props (fairy wands, tiaras, pom poms and ribbons etc) to help extend creativity
  • *Mummy and Me classes for children aged 2-3 years – so you can join in the fun!

For more information and class times go to http://www.itsybitsyballerinas.com or www.facebook.com/itsybitsy.ballerinas

To book in for a FREE trial class, contact Jaimi White.
Email: itsybitsyballerinas@live.com

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