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DIY Party Hats

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DIY Party Hats

Creating memorable birthday parties can get tricky when you think about it. You can’t do what you did last year or the year before, you can’t copy what you did for a younger or older child in the family and you most certainly can’t do the same as the child from last months party!  So where does that leave you?

Confused and looking for ideas on the internet and that might just be how you ended up here.

Parties at Abrakidazzle do not have to be the same, everyone has the opportunity to bring in their own themed items for the party guests and that is the perfect way to make your child’s party the one that stands out from the rest.

Party hats are a great way for the children at a party to all feel part of the group and to possibly bring in a bit of a theme.  There are so many awesome ideas on the internet that I thought I would list my favourites for you below.


Mini Top Hats

My absolute favourite this month has got to be these gorgeous tiny top hats! VIEW IDEAS HERE

Paper Cup Hats

These tiny party hats are made from paper cups of all things! Such a cool way to add a art & craft activity to the party. VIEW HERE

Summer Fruit Hats

A summer fun fruit inspired hat might sound silly but check out some awesome ideas here.  VIEW HERE

Photo Birthday Hats

Photo Birthday party hats can make a silly statement that will keep the guests laughing all day. VIEW IDEAS HERE

I hope that gives you some ideas for your next birthday party. Remember if you want to concentrate on the fun stuff and leave the clean up to someone else AbraKiDazzle can offer you that and so much more.

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