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AbraKiDazzle Conditons of Entry & Rules of Play

To ensure the safety and enjoyment of everyone in our centre, we ask that you follow a few simple rules that also form part of our conditions of entry:


  1. The Playground (Play Arena) is only suitable for children up to the age of 12 years.  Child who are 13 years and over are not permitted to play in the Play Arena
  2. Adults & children MUST wear socks at all times whilst in the Play Arena. There are no exceptions!
  3. Jewellery, belts, watches and any other sharp objects or accessories should not be worn or be carried whilst playing on the equipment.
  4. Wearing of nappies/pull-ups is MANDATORY for all children not fully toilet trained.
  5. No form of bullying will be tolerated and anybody doing so will be asked to leave the centre.  No refund will be given in this instance.

COVID UPDATE:  In addition to the above, for the duration of the COVID pandemic, the following will also apply

  1. Customers are required to use hand sanitiser when entering the centre and to keep their hands clean at all times.
  2. Adult customers are asked to observe social distancing measures at all times in the centre
  3. Staff have the right to refuse entry to anyone who appears to be or declares themselves to be unwell
  4. All persons entering the centre will be required to sign in and out using the forms at the front desk


  1. All children must be accompanied and supervised by a responsible supervisors 16yrs and over for the duration of their stay.
  2. AbraKIDazzle does not accept responsibility for the supervision of children.
  3. Parents/Guardians should be aware that whilst every effort has been made to ensure the safety of children using the play centre, AbraKIDazzle cannot be held responsible for accidents which occur as a result of children playing on the equipment under their carer’s supervision.


  1. Only food or drink which has been purchased at AbraKIDazzle may be consumed on the premises* (food/drink for babies in arms and water bottles are permitted).
  2. No chewing gum
  3. No food or drink is permitted in the Playing Area or in the Disco Room


  1. Management reserves the right to change hours of operation at any time without notice.
  2. We welcome the redemption of all vouchers and deals.  Please note that they must be presented prior to entry and can not be used in conjunction with any other offer ie; you can only redeem one voucher or deal per visit.  
  3. For the consideration of all, we recommend that you do not bring a child into our centre if you or they are unwell.  Our policy not only protects other children but helps to ensure that your child receives the maximum benefit from our centre by visiting when they are at their best.  We also encourage parents and children to wash their hands before and after playtime.  Hand sanitiser is provided for your convenience.
  4. All patrons are asked to maintain high personal hygiene standards whilst inside our centre.  Please ensure your children wear socks, shirts/t-shirts and have nappies covered at all times.  Children who are not yet toilet trained must wear nappies or pull ups.
  5. Please remove all sharp objects/jewellery including watches, rings, hairpins etc before entering Play Arena.
  6. Patrons are requested to comply with all instructions given by staff and on signage in relation to the conditions of entry and the use of our facilities.  Abuse of our staff and our facilities will not be tolerated.
  7. Management reserves the right to refuse entry to anyone at any time for any reason.

* If you have allergies, please discuss your options prior to entering.

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